COUTH laser PRO laser marking system

The high-performance laser
marking system

  • Created to meet marking needs that require high productivity.
  • Designed for integration on production lines.
  • Manufactured solely with the highest-quality components to guarantee a long life cycle.
  • Premium optics for a top-quality laser beam.
  • Software that is adaptable to wide possibilities-needs.
  • Laser engraving system, ideal for high yields 24/7.

Characteristics |

Power rating 20 W 30 W 50 W
Wavelength 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm
Pulse frequency 20-80kHz 20-80kHz 50-100kHz
Character / Font Vector, Custom, Windows Fonts, TrueType
2D Code
GS1 DataBar
Logo image
Communication interface TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Profinet
Cooling Air Air Air
Consumption 4A 6A 11A
Security Class 4
  • Laser system that can be integrated into any production line.
  • The software can be set to operate totally autonomously.
  • File transfer from PC to the laser system via USB.
  • Marking in STAND ALONE mode (no PC required).
  • Serial option included in all COUTHlaser PRO power settings.
Deep Marking
  • Process by means of which the laser beam eliminates material to create a non-superficial mark.
  • Provides for light marking (up to 25 microns) and superior marks for moulds, seals, etc.
MOF - Mark on the fly
  • Dynamic marking system that can be used while parts are in movement
  • The perfect solution to be integrated onto production lines, maximising the system's power and speed.
  • An ideal option for stations with a conveyor belt line since the movement of the object to be marked is superimposed with the laser beam's movement.
Reference F100 F160 F254 F347 F420
Beam length 100 mm 160 mm 254 mm 347 mm 420 mm
Working distance 87 mm 178,4 mm 287 mm 403,8 mm 500,6 mm
Scan angle (max.) ± 28 º ± 28 º ± 25 º ± 29 º ± 29 º
Marking area 65x65 mm 110x110 mm 170x170 mm 250x250 mm 280x280 mm
  • RS-232; TCP/IP Ethernet; Profinet.

Applications |

The new COUTHlaser PROlaser line was designed to offer excellent laser marking performance on all kinds of materials. Thus, COUTHlaser PRO engraving machines provide the best results and top quality in marking on any kind of metal, such as stainless steel and aluminium, as well as plastics like polyethylene, PMMA, polycarbonate, ABS, and polyamide, in addition to a wide range of ceramic materials.

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